I never read anything like this in my life. It is plain, yet so hidden.

I guess I must’ve been blinded for a really long time not to take a minute to expound who I really am.

I mean I did, but not in the way you carefully unveil.

This is an amazing piece. I honestly appreciate how you passionately pour out the words into the open.

I feel your energy align with mine whilst I read it. I can feel you trying so hard to make me understand. And believe me, I do, now.

Well, maybe not in the way you might want me to. But I think the most important thing is that you’ve help me want to know more about this nameless being — whom as you patiently wrote is worth going the trouble to know.

I can’t thank you enough, mostly for the sincere effort you put to make others understand you.

This is real writing, letting the words dance naked with no shred of blurring out the rays of what you feel is the truth.


Entrepreneur, Writer. Carving a place for myself in this world.

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