I bet you’ve received countless emails carrying things along the lines of “2020, what a year, huh?”

I mean is that really the best way to begin a new year. An even better question: Is there any right way to begin a year. Well, I know a lot of people that could argue being alive as a good start, but that’s not the point, is it?

I remember a meme I once saw (it was on Twitter, I guess) that featured aliens laughing at us (humans) as we celebrate a new year. The meme showed these guys fisting bumps in wonderment as to how we celebrate merely because our planet made a complete revolution around the sun.

Their ridicule might not have any base to accuracy, but the volume it speaks can teach you so much.

To answer the previous question, there isn’t any right way to begin a year. And as a marketer, I think it is only fair to indulge you in a short story.

In the first week of June, last year, I resolved to turn my life around and become a better person (whatever the hell that meant at the time, haha).

Just six months later, (and please don’t let my extreme awesomeness spoil this story for you) I’ve reached more than a million views on my published content online, became the CMO of a promising tech startup, began a newsletter (yes, this one), launched The Parables (amazing writers, you should totally check out the publication), and perhaps one of the biggest of all, got over a girl I’ve loved with all my heart for a really long time.

That’s pretty badass if you ask me.

Photo by The Creative Exchange

It’s been two days into this year, and for myself, I am yet to make any plans.

I guess what I am trying to say to you, is that you don’t need anybody to tell you what to do, just like how we humans celebrate new years, and every year, despite getting ridiculed by aliens.

We humans might have nothing to do with our planet revolving around the sun, but that doesn’t stop this time of the year from remaining to be global merriment. Things like this, our ability to believe in the arbitrary even if doesn’t make much sense, are what made man keep making breakthroughs in extraordinary fields like technology.

Soaring higher begins when one works towards something they truly believe in. Take that into account as you make your plans for this year.

Do things because they feel right, not because you feel they should feel right. I did, and I have never been freer than I was in the last six months of my life.

Remember that it is okay to feel lost at times, and whenever you do, make sure to bring a guitar to my party. Together, let’s rock the hell out of 2021! You’re not alone in this, my friend.

Entrepreneur, Writer. Carving a place for myself in this world.

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