All Hell Broke Loose: 21st Century

For a world with everything, we can do better

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It is such a beautiful feeling waking up early in the morning before the sun rises. The sight alone is one of the most amazing connections we share with nature in today’s industrial world.

Outside the balcony of my dorm, the view is spectacular! It is so peaceful and everything seems to be in place.

Even the engine of the car zooming off to God knows where seems to be asleep. It is still dark as the light trail follows slowly like a blind man clutching onto his instincts.

In few minutes, all these will be ruined, the fading sound of birds as they chirp their way into the day, the feeling of readiness to be great before it is overtaken by the daily frustration of tolerating people trying to vent their anger on any chance they can get.

The dawn as we know it will be no more. And the new dawn, darker and scarier, is upon us. Like most things, we aren’t ready.

This is analogous to what is happening in our today’s world.

Everyone has a gift, a hidden talent, a potential to impact positively on this world starting with their community.

Why we are so sure that the same system of learning and unraveling these potentials as it works for one, will work for hundreds or even million others is beyond mystery.

Led to the belief that whatever is against the norm is wrong, we’ve managed over the years, owing to this strict system, produced politicians, CEOs, engineers, and others who can do far better in other fields.

This is our new dawn!

We became obsessed with maintaining the status quo of our “carefully” designed system of doing things so much that we confuse public speaking to lawyers and financial literacy to accountants, and nothing more.

An even clear prototype to this is how we spend so much money to build and maintain hazardous weaponry that is capable of wiping all of us off the face of the earth, and call that a strategy to maintaining peace.

The irony!

There is a deadly pandemic in the world at the time of writing. And before its birth, no single country can boast of having a planned medical arrest to it. And believe me, if I say that we all saw it coming.

We witness our planet to doom due to global warming. Yet as individuals, there are still people that cut down trees to start a campfire in the bush and call it fun.

It is the 21st Century, claimed to be the most civilized, humans have ever been in history and there are still people that long for portable drinking water while you get to chose whether to use hot or cold water for your morning shower. Not to mention the five million people that die of hunger in Africa every year.

Sure, you can’t alleviate every one of their pain. But you can try, for at least one person.

We have and are still going through a lot, all of us because this list is unending.

I think it is high time that this is changed.

Let’s work together — removing the brackets of racism, nationalism and religious bigotry to create a better future for the next generation.

If we all play our parts and become less selfish, then there will probably be enough radiotherapy equipment in our hospitals so we don’t have to keep losing our loved ones to cancer. It might be confusing, but that still happens in Nigeria due to pure negligence.

There will probably be enough schools, for our brothers and sisters to have the privilege of having to learn the basics of reading and writing.

For we all can agree that for someone who can’t read and write in a world where information is the most expensive stock in the market, there isn’t much to do.

Dream, hope, but most importantly play your quota in making it part of your endeavors to making it easier for other humans. You can start with as little as giving out a genuine smile that is sure to spark life even in the deadest of hearts.

Remember that this life is a domino, and each action of yours affects millions of others.

The butterfly effect is not a myth.

As you go about your daily activities, remember to touch other peoples’ lives. Remember to change the world, one friend at a time!

Entrepreneur, Writer. Carving a place for myself in this world.

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