Al'ameen Sanusi I.
An illustration of a man clicking internet search query box on computer touch screen.
Photo by Autumnn (license purchased by the author)

Data is the lifeblood of any business, and without it mapping out an effective strategy becomes close to impossible.

In formulating my strategies, I always try to test things out beforehand and make sure that what I’m doing has a chance of succeeding through gathering inputs from little research on…

Perceiving the strange life of creatives through the wrong lens, how it affects us, and what to do about it

Photo by Way Home Studio/Freepik

Mental instability has long been seen as a positive thing in Western culture. In the album Ye, the American rapper Kanye West, and one of the most influential in the global music industry, referred to bipolar disorder as his superpower.

In literary theory, bipolar disorder is considered an exceptionally bold…

Al'ameen Sanusi I.

Marketing and startups, especially when there is a touch of B2B tech, are things I adore.

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