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Al'ameen Sanusi I.
Photo license purchased on Shutterstock

An illustration of a man clicking internet search query box on computer touch screen.
Photo by Autumnn (license purchased by the author)

How colors affect customer engagements

Silhouette of a man in color RGB
Photo by Triff (license purchased by the author)

Quora Blurbs

Quora blurbs

Perceiving the strange life of creatives through the wrong lens, how it affects us, and what to do about it

Photo by Way Home Studio/Freepik

The black hole of large numbers in email marketing — and how to avoid getting sucked by one

Human hand writing on card with light bulb
Photo by Freepik

Al'ameen Sanusi I.

Marketing and startups, especially when there is a touch of tech, are things I adore. Oh… I also love fiction!

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