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Al'ameen Sanusi I.

Well, you must first understand that pricing strategy has two kinds of goals.

The first is profit maximization — whereby the aim is to make as much money as possible in every transaction. The other goal is revenue maximization — whereby the aim is to maintain customers by giving them a favorable price and providing them with incentives such as gift cards or bonus points.

Each pricing strategy has many factors and including customer research, market analysis, future projections on how the company will progress and what can be improved for the future.

Once these things are figured out, then…

Tinge in creating desperation. Produce a “Don Quixote” masterpiece ad… one that isn’t likely to get anyone on board, but will surely tear a hole in the right customer’s wallet. To achieve this, a marketer would want to target only a niched-down segment of the falling market.

We’re usually taught that the key to successful advertising is being creative and believable. …

The way we work has changed. Today more and more people are remote-working from home rather than commuting to a traditional office.

Increased connectivity means people can work anytime, anywhere — making it easier for people to balance being both a parent and an entrepreneur. This type of freedom means they’re not tied to the same 9–5 schedule that they might have been if they were in the office all day long.

Today’s business environment demands teamwork, diversity, creativity, and talent in order to achieve the objectives and goals of any venture, more so now than, say, 20 years ago.

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Marketing ends with a consumer because consumers are the endgame, and it starts with them because processes are more effective when executed with the end on mind.

Companies exist to provide real value, and people choose companies based on their perception of that value.

If marketing started with production, then marketers wouldn’t have much control over the perceived value of products and services. As it is, as marketers, we have significant power in shaping what consumers think about your company — but if these were coming to you with those values (the very purpose you pay marketers to serve for…

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It may seem like the most fun thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to day trade and make money off of every fluctuation in the market with no need to invest in long-term strategies, but all of this falls apart, eventually.

The reason for this is simple.

The market can’t listen to itself, so it will always be in a pendulum swing state from time-to-time. One is better off focusing on a long-term strategy to sustain their product and not bend on taking advice from people who are just trying to sell something — such as themselves.


Perceiving the strange life of creatives through the wrong lens, how it affects us, and what to do about it

Photo by Way Home Studio/Freepik

Mental instability has long been seen as a positive thing in Western culture. In the album Ye, the American rapper Kanye West, and one of the most influential in the global music industry, referred to bipolar disorder as his superpower.

In literary theory, bipolar disorder is considered an exceptionally bold literary trait too — a sort of signature style of most American fiction.

These fictitious commonalities, however, took root in real incidents. The Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most famous figures in the history of Western art, mutilating his own ear; alcoholism with popular writers from Ernest…

The black hole of large numbers in email marketing — and how to avoid getting sucked by one

Human hand writing on card with light bulb
Human hand writing on card with light bulb
Photo by Freepik

At the beginning of every year, creators from different walks of life make predictions about that year’s trends. While some of these often repetitive trends manage to materialize, a lot of others drop dead. And perhaps the biggest trend that thrives year after year is email list— its importance and why one should strive to build one from day one.

For over half a century since its emergence, email marketing never disappoints; projections about how successful it can be are now indisputable.

It was the go-to marketing channel that helped businesses and brands win the sincere trust of their customers…

Producing highly creative work requires one to abandon this mystic pursuit and all its upshots along with it

an animation of a woman typing on her typewriter
an animation of a woman typing on her typewriter
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

When we learn about Zen or a “flow state” we think of flow as the magical place that writers can get to. The idea is simple: The writer sits at a keyboard, perhaps surrounded by ambient music, and the words flow effortlessly from his or her fingertips.

In reality, we need to be open to a flow state, but we must never think it is natural, sustainable, or worse, necessary for us to deliver our best work.

The purpose of a writer is to write, not to surrender to the fear of creating the mediocre. We’ve long known that only…

The signaling theory in marketing: How process-driven efforts can lead to more heartfelt engagements

Image by Brent Olson from Pixabay

We’ve all been there: you open your inbox to a newsletter full of links. Well, they’re not all links, but chances are good that if you opened the message, they would have been.

Just as they consume our energy in getting us to decide on the trivial matter that is which email subject to click on, which podcast to tune into, which tweet to retweet, or which blog post to share, content management systems (CMS) are also designed with precisely this task in mind: to consume our time. …

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A yellow-background text-based image that says: “Featured image of an article about no name”
A yellow-background text-based image that says: “Featured image of an article about no name”
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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

Most of us don’t have the luxury to ease off living at the dizzying pace of design, production, and marketing trends. As a consequence, we become averse to asking too many questions, leading to the justification of the intricate entities we create.

It is no surprise that many people took up the above maxim as a personal credo, and often going off-point to evince that simplicity is the only real sophistication.

Simplicity, however, can be expressed most strikingly such that it becomes impossible to ignore. It need not demand a life…

Al'ameen Sanusi I.

Marketing and startups, especially when there is a touch of tech, are things I adore. Everything I publish is worth your time. I promise.

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