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Cheers to never trading relevance for perfection, ever

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Photo by Alice Dietrich

Before I was offered an admission to study in college like every other lucky kid I grew up with, I worked as a graphics designer from 2014 to some time right before the recent global pandemic hits our planet.

Initially, I began working with local prints and design company reputed for printing political campaign works. With my new college schedule as an engineering student, however — the annoying assignments and group projects — I quickly switched to freelancing design works for the countless rising entrepreneurs in my school, needing print copies to advertise their products. …

The company neglecting the feedback of its users is a terrible deposit to its karma account

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Image by Ijmaki

I am an active Twitter user, crossing my sixth-year shade now. Logging in to the platform daily is the 152 million people’s way of expressing how much we love it. Yet, the company seems to turn a blind eye to such undying adoration by making a mistake they can not afford when they launched the latest feature of the Twitter product. This is heartbreaking.

On Tuesday the 17th, Twitter began to roll out a Snapchat’s story-like feature they called Fleets to its global userbase. In a blog post introducing the new feature, Twitter’s Joshua Harris and Sam Haveson wrote:

“Because they disappear from view after a day, Fleets helped people feel more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions, and…

Reflecting on how the little birdie is extending its full wings and soaring higher

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Image by Edar from Pixabay

“The significance of social media [to journalism] lies in proper understanding and adoption of various tools.” — Kinshuk Pathak

Power is nothing but the right information at the right time. That is what it was, and what it’ll ever be.

For years, social media has been taking a toll on journalism, shaking the aged industry to its very core. The roots of false news and misinformation only grew stronger, tainting the picture of an established profession, a phenomenon, and a culture across the globe: journalism.

Twitter watched as the Facebook family became more influential in today’s bad-imaged digital journalism. So much that in the past few months BBC reported a prediction of Instagram taking over Twitter as a news source. …

Interesting lessons from a charismatic regional manager

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Michael Gary Scott | Photo by NBC

Some people make a profound impact on our lives that it is impossible to forget them. For me, as a writer, one of those people is Michael Scott.

Scott, a character played by Steve Carell in NBC’s classic sitcom The Office, will live on for several years. He was weird (for one thing), absurd, yet charming, and rather confident.

Inc magazine once published a piece on what this gentleman can teach us about managing people. Others wrote of him in distinct topics: leadership, life, and — in a weird sense — dating relationships. The man offered a lot.

What is it about Michael Scott that makes him such an extraordinary man, likable by the fans of this show even as he was continually an item of ridicule by the rest of the characters? Answer: His personality. …

There’s plenty of false expertise in the workplace—how to stop falling for it.

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Photo by Tetiana

The decisions we often make have less rapport to credibility as we thought they do, contrary to what most of us believe. We make judgments that are rarely sound, fuelled by our unconscious mind, and full of hidden stereotypes and unrecognized biases.

We are constantly affected by these biases whether we are aware of them or not. This makes hiring for a job a lot more complicated than it seems, or even merely tasking a team member with supervising a project. What happens is far beyond the surface facts.

The good news is that once opened to this concept of your unconscious, you can see how much it affects almost every part of your life, altering how you look at numerous things. When it comes to making decisions, understanding how these biases work will set you a step ahead of anyone who didn’t. …

Brilliant publicity feat to fire up your creativity

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Duomo di Milano Italy, Milano, Italy | Photo by Matteo Raimondi

What is the strangest scenario you could ever find yourself in?

Well, imagine running back home from your habitual morning runs. The sun was hitting your face. You were sweating and feeling a surge in energy, as (of course) Kygo was blasting from your headphones. It was a regular day… or was it?

A few blocks down your street, you notice the place cramped with people, not like how you left it 30 minutes earlier. Something is going on.

Removing your headset, you push through the mildly chaotic crowd to have a better look. Blaring sirens grow louder. The threatening noise, rattling, amidst the deepening human squeal amplifies.

We’re living through another classic marketing revolution

hands of man holding a pen and working on a financial report
hands of man holding a pen and working on a financial report
Photo by Tatiana

1998 was reasonably the most remarkable year of the last three decades. The year gave birth to both the pioneer digital payment platform PayPal and today’s internet giant as we know it: Google.

When these companies started, there was hardly any vested interest from the public in how far the two were going to fly. It was a regular year for everyone, as Google and PayPal didn’t begin as global brands just like every other successful venture.

Twenty-two years later, the two have grown to revolutionalize how we do… well, everything. It is such an interesting turn of events.

Like in 1998, we’re living through another revolution today. Powerful companies founded by innovative entrepreneurs are now driving how the future will look like in marketing. We’re witnessing how these influential brands are slowly affecting how marketers interact with and promote products to consumers. …

Viewing the business world through a more practical perspective

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Photo by Luis Molinero

For a founder, shutting down a company is like dumping your most beloved person in the entire world; even worse, finding them dead the next day.

Failure is a common term for any rising startup. This never ceases to be true even with the overwhelming success stories repeatedly saturating our Quora feed. If anything, the percentage of startups failing in their first year continue to spring up through the last decade.

It takes a gallant to be an entrepreneur, as nobody ever built any great company overnight. …

The fate of the two-centuries-old strategy in an ever-changing world

Billboard with the words “public market” against a blue sky
Billboard with the words “public market” against a blue sky
Image by StockSnap

When Jared Bell created some of the very first billboards in the 80s, he hardly imagined billboard advertising would grow to become one of the most effective global methods in reaching millions of people.

A hundred years later, the internet made a notable appearance, dominating the world by changing how humans carry out every local transaction and also presenting us with a game-changing innovation in how brands interact with their customers: digital marketing.

Years passed by as entrepreneurs from every walk of life introduced replacements of old methods with newer and more effective alternatives, affecting how we eat, dress, and conduct politics. …

Dating my look-alike didn’t go as I expect it would

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Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

Unlike many people, I can not speak of my eye’s color with any certainty. It is hard for I only ever look into the mirror with depth when angry — and probably why I pictured it red.

Staring at Electra’s charming face drift to sleep, with her head lying peacefully on my lap, I wonder if we share the same color of eyes, as we share several interests, and surprisingly, look.

I used to think of ‘Doppelgänger’ to be a spell enchanted by witches in the olden days. I didn’t really care whether it was a myth or not. Little did I know that, sooner than I’d expected, I was going to meet mine. …

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